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Public Service: Soksay sa Barangay, Barangay sa Soksay

"Soksay sa Barangay, Barangay sa Soksay" is the umbrella program of the Department of Social Sciences that aims to strengthen the partnership of the department and the local communities of Southern Luzon by providing a lineup of services anchored on the strength and identity of the department. It...
Department Of Social Sciences
Culture for Development
This program will focus on mainstreaming the importance of culture in achieving human and social development in local government units, non-government organizations, schools, and communities. This program is rooted in ensuring that culture becomes a fundamental component of sustainable developmen...
Cultural Mapping ‘Full/Block’ Training
Cultural Mapping ‘Full/Block’ Training   Republic Act No. 11961 institutionalized the use of cultural mapping to aid in the documentation, promotion, and conservation of heritage by the various localities in the Philippines. However, budget constraints, availability of volunteers or personnel, an...